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Is your car ready for winter? Paint Sealants vs. Wax

Cadillac XTS with Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze

With winter comes snow. With snow comes salt. With snow and salt comes a mess!! It is extremely important to protect your car's finish from the harmful effects of winter. Stay a step ahead by having a paint sealant applied now - before the mess! Call or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment. For only $99, your car is worth it!


We all remember our Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, and Friends getting up early Saturday morning and spending hours waxing their cars. When they were done the cars were so shiny you could see your reflection in them!! Those were great times, but times have changed. Now we have the amazing benefits of PAINT SEALANTS. Paint sealants provide the shine of traditional wax but with added synthetic polymers. Those polymers allow sealants to last anywhere from 4-6 MONTHS!! Traditional wax only lasts 6-8 weeks. Which one do your prefer?

For more detailed information on Paint Sealants CLICK HERE

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